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Eclipse Regenesis for Short Bowel Syndrome

Eclipse Regenesis is a seed stage company that represents the kind of double bottom line investment we aim to make. Eclipse has a simple, promising solution for children with Short Bowel Syndrome, a devastating disease that has no cure. In Short Bowel Syndrome, most of the small intestine is removed due to a congenital or acquired defect. What is left is too short to absorb sufficient nutrients to sustain life. Up to 40% of children die before age 3. Eclipse Regenesis offers a device called Eclipse XL1, which could restore sufficient absorption for these children and save lives. The Eclipse XL1 therapy is designed to grow 2-3x longer, healthy intestine within 2-3 weeks. The mechanism has been rigorously studied in extensive pre-clinical trials at institutions such as UCLA and Stanford, resulting in 20+ peer reviewed publications. After the surgeries, these children should have dramatically better quality of life, and save their families and the health care system approximately $2M over the next 18 years.

Treatment of Small Bowel Syndrome is a viable business, with a $10B+ worldwide annual cost of care, but it is unattractive to traditional VC investors due to the small population. Eclipse may be servicing too small a market for large medical device companies to make early investments in this business, but should be able to grow into a highly profitable company that significantly improves quality of life for those children affected by Short Bowel Syndrome.

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